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Jailbreak iwatch OS 3 with cydia download

This is for all apple iWatch users. We are released before latest update of watch OS 2 and we are released how to jailbreak iwatch OS 2. Now we are going to introduce watch OS 3 latest. There is released with more entertainment. The developers are improved now OS very well. We hate to present more improvements in this OS. Other than is we can jailbreak iwatch OS now. So read forward for know about latest OS and how to jailbreak it.

Jailbreak iWatch 

Jailbreak iwatch OS 3
Jailbreak iwatch OS 3

Jailbreak developer is conformed Iwatch jailbreak OS 3

Steve Smith recently Troughton- (Apple Mobile Phones Ireland programmers for software), Saurik (Cydia of developer) and Adam Bell (Apple Mobile Phone Watch Canadian software) on the Apple device to watch and watch and UIKit SceneKit able to run apps hacked. Here is the iwatch OS 3 jailbreak video proof.

The important new improvements in watch OS 3

Apple Safari web browser to view has been added. Apple phones are often so small display resolution will not be one in the future. All users are interested in using the Internet to watch on their device, even devices. Apple Tablet version of Safari to view their mobile phones will be added. They do not agree to a web browser app store iWatch. Comex has released Web browser, he can run Google Home Page and copy / define option is implemented in the display shifts.

Operating system in iWatch

Apple updated to version 1.0.1 and version 1.0 shipped mobile phones, watches. Currently, watch OS 2.2.2 is the latest operating system. Apple Mobile Phones latest operating system version 2.2.2 with new features that will increase your Watch updated OS 2.2.2 version.

Other new improvements

  • Customs patrol faces
  • Quick Answers
  • Re-Control Center
  • Use your Mac to open Apple Mobile Phone Watch
  • Dock
  • Fitness Sat
  • SOS

How to jailbreak iwatch OS 3

Here is pangu team developed the jailbreak tool for iwatch OS 3 jailbreak. The tool is now on the testing because they are trying to release the best and zero faults with the tool. When they release that to community we can release that to you. If you want to get something about watch OS jailbreak just get this link of iwatch OS 2 jailbreak. In the article we are presented all of we got details. After the read that you can get some knowledge about jailbreak iwatch OS 3 forward.

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